Australia’s Favourite Ball Is Home

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

On a mission to inspire positive change in the way people eat, think and live, Bounce products have been a staple in better for you ranges for quite some time.

While they are now loved world-wide, Bounce started from humble beginnings.

Husband and wife team, Andy and Paula Hannagan, brought the company to life from their home garage in a coastal Australian town in 2004.

Turning their back on their careers as a PT and Life Coach, the couple set out to create healthy, tasty and nutritious snacks. With a focus on snacking with intention and purpose, their goal was to create products that would keep the consumer fuller for longer. Using only the most premium of ingredients including nut butters and protein blends, Bounce have established themselves as one of the front runners in the healthy snack category.

In fact, AC Nielsen data for Petrol & Convenience and The IRI Data for Grocery shows that their Coconut Macadamia Protein Energy Ball is the number one health ball in Australia!

Bounce Coconut Macadamia Protein Ball


After enjoying early success, manufacture of Bounce balls and bars was sent to the US to provide customers with a premium product at the $3-4 mark. Back then, fourteen years ago to be precise, manufacturing the products in Australia, and to the high-quality Bounce are known for, would have led to a price far greater than a consumer would have paid. But, economies change and it was about time that these little balls were brought home!

Bringing Bounce Home

Bounce have been working tirelessly since early 2019 to move production back to Australia from the US. It certainly has not been a smooth process and has taken much longer than expected – having to source specific ingredients to ensure exact replication of taste, amongst other hurdles.

Though, after a HUGE amount of hard work from the Bounce team, we are excited to share that all Bounce products are now Australian made! Manufactured out of Victoria, we’re sure you’re just as happy as we are that these little gems are back in Aussie!

And It Gets Better…

As if that wasn’t enough good news, now that the products are made onshore, Bounce have been able to reduce the Recommended Retail Price for their balls back to $3.49. Premium, Aussie-made products at a lower price? Now that’s a good news story worth sharing!

If you’re a Retail Store Owner or Wholesaler, don’t miss out on capitalising on Bounce’s huge Australian Made Campaign through the month of October. Research from Roy Morgan  suggests that 80% of Australian consumers prefer Australian Made food and beverage products. Especially now, within the current economic climate, Aussies want to support Aussies and in turn stimulate the economy.


The range of Bounce balls and bars are available to order from your local The Distributors member. To find your local The Distributors member, click here.