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MyBrandz and Widget World are the innovations of Impulse Marketing’s Director, Karen Campbell. With over thirty years’ experience within the FMCG industry, from both a supplier (Cadbury’s) and wholesaler (The Distributors) perspective, Karen saw an opportunity to leverage her network and knowledge; connecting Suppliers with Wholesalers and Retailers across Australia.


Launching in October 1996, Brandz Online firstly commenced as a Trade Media publication, Fun Foods Journal. Recognising a massive disconnect within the industry, the publication was introduced to the market to keep Retailers all over Australia informed of new products, consumer and retailer promotions, industry news and statistical data.

It was originally delivered to just over 16,000 retailers and the very first edition was only 16 pages. Fast forward 15 years and the reach had increased to 22,000 retailers on a bi-monthly basis, 36 pages and a massive industry following. After a rebranding, Fun Foods Journal became Brandz@Retail in 2011 under the umbrella of Impulse Marketing.


As an industry trailblazer and recognising the importance of speed of information to FMCG, the business model of Impulse Marketing quickly developed into Web and Mobile Apps. Supplier catalogues were migrated from purely print-based to being made available directly through the Brandz Online website.

With daily updates, there was now one central point that all key stakeholders – Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Consumers – could visit for all the latest product information, promotions and updates.


Through continuing to innovate, Karen and the team have developed world-first technology in their hybrid app – MyBrandz. Being the only App of its kind, MyBrandz puts both a digital resource and world-class marketing tool directly into the hands of individuals.

With over 150 The Distributors Representatives currently using this technology as their go-to marketing tool, the results for Suppliers who showcase their products through this outlet have been incredible; enabling country-wide reach, in the most cost-effective way.

On top of this, Suppliers and Wholesalers can now create their very own professional-standard product catalogues and flyers through Widget World. In an extremely user-friendly drag and drop system, Widget World allows quick creation of new marketing material, something that was in high-demand within an industry that experiences changes so rapidly.

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The most cost effective sales and marketing tool on the planet.

The MyBrandz Team are on a mission to streamline the entire F.M.C.G. industry through combining over 30 year’s experience with cutting-edge technology; creating an easy to use platform for suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

Find out below how we could help YOU.


Increase sales by putting your product information into the hands of the right people.

Your entire product range showcased in a clear, easy to use format. This App is utilised by The Distributors Sale Representatives all across Australia – if you do not appear here, how can they promote your products?

Showcase your products in one central place. Quickly send a link to your prospective new clients to view your entire range. Extremely beneficial if you do not currently have all of your images available on a single website.

Exclusive access to create your own product catalogue, promotions or flyers in a simple drag and drop system.

Industry leading Trade Media publication, created in both print and digital format 10 times per year, reaching over 23,000 retailers and wholesalers, Australia-wide.

The MyBrandz Product Management System is linked to all The Distributors E-Commerce websites. Retailers regularly order directly through these sites. Pictures sell products, if it’s on MyBrandz, it’s on their site, it’s that simple.

Access to MyBrandz professional Graphic Design team who can help you with custom catalogues, flyers, photography and advertising.


Help your team make more sales and save time through our comprehensive platforms.

Pictures sell products, access an image of every single product you stock in one central place. Keep all of your promotions at your finger tips, create suggested ranges, share documents with retailers directly from the App.

Find product images and catalogues of all MyBrandz Suppliers in one place, download and share with your customers.

Create your own promotions, brochures and flyers to showcase new products, recommended ranges or best sellers for example.

Web design services are available to make your site look engaging and professional, keep customers coming back and purchasing through your site.

Create engaging flyers to communicate specific promotions you have with MyBrandz Suppliers. Let your customer know what the deal is, how long it lasts for and how they can take advantage of it.


Keep your finger on the pulse of the FMCG industry MyBrandz.

Download the free retailer version of MyBrandz to keep up to date with new product releases. View entire product ranges, access catalogues. Simply head to The App Store and download today – check out instructions how to do this HERE.

Find product images and catalogues of all MyBrandz Suppliers in one place.

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